Perforated Window Vinyl - per sq/ft

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Perforated window vinyl is perfect for a business who wants to stand out in the crowd. When you have this vinyl installed over your windows you have the ability to advertise your business while making your store front pop. This application isn't limited to just the business owner since this film adds a privacy cover from the outside and view-able from the inside.

This product includes local installation. Snowburd reserves the right to decide if a location is outside of the reasonable area for free installation. In this event we will offer a discounted installation or a recommended installer in your area.

Window Perforated film is a 6 mil calendered black/white flexible vinyl that has a 65\35 perforation with a pressure sensitive clear adhesive. Optically clear laminate will enhance longevity from sun exposure.


*5 Year warranty


Once you purchase the sq/ft needed you will be contacted by a member of our team to get started on your custom design. If you are unsure of what you will need please contact us and we will get a team member on site for measurements and estimate.